Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson gave a concert in the Vienna Konzerthaus.
Seen on: 30.1.2017

Henson doesn’t often play concerts (he has anxiety which makes performing live so much harder), so when I heard that he would play the Konzerthaus, I knew I had to go (even though there were two more concerts I went to in January). Since I couldn’t convince anybody of the eerie beauty of his voice enough to accompany me, I went on my own. Going alone to a concert is something I have very mixed experiences with, but in this case, it completely paid off.

Keaton Henson came accompanied by cello player Reinoud Ford and it was honestly the perfect addition to his emotional piano/guitar tunes and his voice that is really something else. It made a beautiful concert even better.

The setlist was short – very understandable when you perform despite your anxiety disorder – but well-rounded and included most of my favorites of his songs. His music is quiet, and the audience was as well, giving the entire show an almost reverent feeling, especially in the Konzerthaus setting with its lavish hall. A perfect fit.

When he was done playing, there was one of the longest applauses I’ve ever heard – and that despite the fact that Henson did not perform any more songs than planned. Or even showed up on stage. People just kept clapping. I certainly didn’t want the concert to end, because it meant leaving the magical, tender atmosphere that Henson wrought for the night.

There is a vulnerability in his performance that feels almost infectious. As we filed out of the hall, as we had to in the end, there was a very private sense of intimacy that stayed with me – and that I’m almost glad I didn’t have to share with somebody as I went on my own.

Summarizing: Fantastically beautiful.

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