Martin Rütter: nachSITZen

Martin Rütter is a dog trainer and stand-up comedian from Germany.
Seen on: 23.3.2017

Rütter’s program consists of dog (training) stories and a couple of training tips as well. If you live(d) with dogs, a lot of it is probably going to strike a nerve. For me, the dog stuff was great. Unfortunately Rütter mixes in a lot of sexism as well, which was less fun.

As dog owners, it was my parents who got tickets to Rütter’s show, but when they were unable to make it, I went instead. I had only heard of Rütter but never actually seen one of his programs before this. A lot of the show was as I’d hoped it would be – it was both funny and informative, and sure to give people ideas on how to work and live with dogs better, but also reassurance that they are definitely not the only ones struggling with some dog-related programs.

Unfortunately, Rütter’s program is also peppered with sexisms like “much like human women, female dogs like to make the males fight for them” and stuff like that. (I shudder to think what would have happened if the double meaning of bitch worked in German.) This gender essentialism and biologization has no place anywhere but particularly not as a comic device in a show about dogs. Had he done without that bit, I would have enjoyed the evening so much more.

Summarizing: if you’re able to look past the sexism and if you like dogs, it’s fun.

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