Director: Steven Stead
Writer: John Kander (music), Fred Ebb (lyrics), Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse (book)
Based on: Maurine Dallas Watkins‘ play of the same name
Cast: Jessica Sole, Katy Moore, Jason Ralph, Charon Williams-Ros, Bryan Hiles, Anne-Marie Clulow
Seen on: 23.4.2017

Roxie (Jessica Sole) wants nothing more than to become a star, like Variété dancer Velma (Katy Moore). But Velma just started serving a prison sentence for killing her husband and her sister who were sleeping together. And Roxie? Well Roxie just killed her lover and tried to make her husband Amos (Bryan Hiles) take the blame. But even the not very smart Amos figured out something else was going on and now Roxie faces trial. But that’s also a kind of fame, isn’t it? At least star lawyer Billy (Jason Ralph) knows to use Roxie’s situation for the best. For himself and for her.

Chicago is one of my favorite musicals, but I never saw it live. When my sister suggested going to see it at the local university theater, I was in, even if I didn’t expect much from a student production. But turns out that it was a professional company and it was a really good production.

Chicago is really a fantastic musical with absolutely wonderful music, and the production absolutely did it justice. They had a live band on stage, which was an extremely nice touch, and the cast was really good as well, both with the singing and the dancing.

That means that we got the entire range of the emotions of the play. Since the play actually pulls off a delicate balance of humor and sadness, it’s important to hit the right notes there – and the production fully delivers there as well.

For me, the star of the thing was Jason Ralph who gives us a wonderfully slimy and funny Billy. And Simone Mann who only had a small role, but caught my every time she walked on stage, and by the end of it, I was pretty much in love.

The stage design and especially the lighting were also excellent, rounding off a surprisingly good night and I loved falling back into the music that I hadn’t listened to in a while.

Summarizing: Very nice.

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