Baby Driver (2017)

Baby Driver
Director: Edgar Wright
Writer: Edgar Wright
Cast: Ansel ElgortKevin Spacey, Jon BernthalJon HammJamie Foxx, Eiza GonzálezLily JamesCJ JonesSky FerreiraFlea
Seen on: 1.8.2017

Baby (Ansel Elgort) loves music (that drowns out his tinnitus) and driving, at which he’s also very good. A fact that Doc (Kevin Spacey) is using to his own advantage: he coerced Baby to drive during the robberies he meticulously plans. But Baby will soon have worked off his debts with Doc and is looking forward to a free life then, maybe with Debora (Lily James). But Doc isn’t willing to give Baby up all that easily.

Baby Driver wasn’t bad, but I expected it to be more than just nice. It’s well-made but there are quite a few things that didn’t work for me. I can’t help but feeling disappointed about it.

With the positive reviews that Baby Driver got, and the fact that it’s a Edgar Wright film, I did have high expectations for the film. And it is a film that is well-paced, rather entertaining and the editing is simply fantastic, making me even enjoy the chase scenes that usually aren’t my cup of tea. Especially coupled with the nice soundtrack. And it has an actual deaf person (CJ Jones) playing a deaf character.

But I was surprised – and not exactly in a good way – how little it feels like an Edgar Wright film. It does have the great editing that usually comes with his films and it has the off-beat characters he does so well, but I just expected and wanted it to be funnier, to have more of a sense of humor. There are funny moments, but mostly the film is straight-up serious. And I was hoping that it would play on the genre a little more, but that was completely missing.

But even if the film hadn’t disappointed me because of my high Wright expectations, it would have still not taken off. For one, I struggled with the love story that didn’t work for me at all – there was just no chemistry between James and Elgort. Elgort was generally such a pale, colorless appearance in the film that would have needed a more charismatic lead. And it’s simply aggravating that the film doesn’t even pass the Bechdel-Wallace test, generally has barely any women and the few women there are only work as extensions of the men they belong to (and yes, I chose these words onp purpose).

As I said, it was still an entertaining film and I’ve seen way worse. But the potential for it to be more than what it was was there and should have been used.

Summarizing: Disappointing.

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