JoJo no kimyô na bôken: Daiyamondo wa kudakenai – dai-isshô [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable – Chapter 1] (2017)

JoJo no kimyô na bôken: Daiyamondo wa kudakenai – dai-isshô
Director: Takashi Miike
Writer: Itaru Era
Based on: Hirohiko Araki‘s manga series
Cast: Kento Yamazaki, Ryûnosuke KamikiNana KomatsuJun KunimuraYûsuke IseyaTakayuki YamadaMackenyuMasaki OkadaShinta NittaArisa Mizuki
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 23.9.2017

Koichi (Ryûnosuke Kamiki) just moved to a new town where he meets the mysterious JoJo (Kento Yamazaki). JoJo stands out due to his eccentric hair style, but when he’s teased about it, he shows that he has hereditary powers that go beyond excellent hairspray. But somebody seems to imbue normal people with Stands, the manifestations of supernatural powers, and JoJo needs to figure out what’s going on with Koichi’s help.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has some great ideas, but the execution didn’t really work for me. It has its moments, but it’s in desperate need of focus.

I’m not familiar with the manga this is based on and I spent much of the film feeling confused about what exactly was happening and what was going on and how do these things work really and what??? There was just really a lot going on – and it became too much for the film to carry.

Which is too bad because there was a lot that was fun here, some excellent jokes and I loved the various Stands that go from what the fuck to simply outrageous and were simply entertaining. However people have those ideas, they should continue to do that.

But the film would have needed tighter plotting. And it would have been nice if there had been some women in it who had anything to do. Or actually, just some women, period. A film without women just doesn’t fly for me. (Unless there is a very good plot reason.)

So, there was a lot of entertainment to the film, but somehow it just didn’t get to that place where I could lean back and go along for the ride of weirdness, even if I would have really liked to.

Summarizing: maybe it works better if you know the manga.

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