Spit’n’Split (2017)

Director: Jérôme Vandewattyne
Writer: Jérôme Vandewattyne
Cast: The Experimental Tropical Blues Band
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 30.9.2017

Jérôme Vandewattyne follows The Experimental Tropical Blues Band on tour. But that tour takes them all places that nobody expects. As things between the band members turn tenser and tenser, everything starts to spiral out of control.
Spit’n’Split is a mockumentary in an interesting format: The band really exists and they played themselves, the tour was an actual tour, but the other events are fictional. 

Spit’n’Split was an almost unbearable film. It starts boring and devolves into an experience of nerve-grating that made me want to run.

If the goal of the film was that you’d get the audience to want to quit this band, and not later, but right now, it fully succeeded. I didn’t doubt before that tours can be a soul-stomping experience that can put bands through hell. That this will also weigh on the personal relationships between the band members is no surprise. But where I imagined before, I feel like I know now from personal experience.

But what I don’t understand is why anybody should want to watch this and put themselves through this experience. Because I hated pretty much every single minute of it and I was this close to actually leaving.

The most disappointing thing was probably that I hated the sound of the film – which is never a good thing, but especially for a film about a band (who also wrote the soundtrack) this is a big problem. I didn’t know The Experimental Tropical Blues Band before this film, and I’m not sure if their music was the problem or if it was the sound mixing and editing, or maybe it was a problem with the projection, I just know that I had to plug my ears with my fingers through large parts of the film.

Put altogether, it was a really bad experience to sit through this film and I can’t really find anything good to say about it.

Summarizing: Close to entirely unbearable.

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