Die Strecke (1927) + Wien Diesel

Die Strecke [probably best translated as The Tracks]
Director: Max Neufeld
Writer: Jacques Bachrach, Oskar Bendiener, Max Neufeld
Cast: Maly Delschaft, Anton Edthofer, Hans Unterkircher, Eugen Neufeld, Hans Thimig, Hans Marr, Carmen Cartellieri
Part of: Viennale
With music by: Wien Diesel
Seen on: 28.10.2017

Marie (Maly Delschaft) is stuck in a small-town train station where her husband works. She dreams of the big city, a dream that is fueled by her husband’s new boss. But he has ulterior motives and Marie finds herself under a lot of pressure by him as her husband grows suspicious of her own loyalties.

Die Strecke is not a great film, but thanks to accompanying band Wien Diesel, it was an experience to watch it – an experience I enjoyed a whole lot.

Unfortunately, the copy of Die Strecke they showed was not in a particularly good condition, which is always a bit of a drag. But the bigger problem was that it’s simply not a great film, although it does show very impressively how quickly women can get screwed over when dealing with men (and if you think that was only true at the time of the film, think again).

It also felt longer than the 64 minutes it was. Maybe because it was pretty clear where things were headed right from the start and it wasn’t all that interesting to see how things would unfold.

And yet I did enjoy myself and that’s absolutely thanks to Wien Diesel. At first, the way they accompanied the film was a little hard to get into – they start off without a whole lot of melody in their music. But I did manage to get into it and then they added a bit more beat to it, and suddenly things were flying.

Thanks to the music, the ending of the film was actually incredibly funny. That was definitely not the original intention of the film, but it suited my reading of it pretty well and it was the thing I probably loved most about it.

Summarizing: I can recommend seeing it, but only together with Wien Diesel.

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