George Ezra (Support: Ten Tonnes)

George Ezra played a show in the Gasometer in Vienna. As a supporting band he brought Ten Tonnes, his little brother.
Seen on: 23.10.2018

I didn’t really know Ten Tonnes, so I really only came to see George Ezra. And the concert was really super nice, albeit a really short one. But nonetheless satisfying.

We arrived at the concert location while Ten Tonnes was already playing and only caught the tail end of his show, so I can’t say much about it, to be honest. He doesn’t sound a whole lot like his brother, though, and what I heard of him, didn’t stick with me.

George Ezra himself is a talkative performer who filled his concert with a lot of stories about how he came to write certain songs, giving a little bit of background here and there. I generally like those kinds of stories, but I also have to admit that I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was able to work he does (with long stays abroad where he focuses only on getting inspired), because he is a rather privileged, young, white man and I admit that it filled me with a certain bitterness, or even a certain sense of envy. But that is not his fault and it didn’t make him less charming.

The atmosphere was very nice. He brought pretty much every song he has that is a little more known, making singing along easy and joyful. The only song I really missed from the setlist was Human (one of my personal favorites) but I didn’t miss it during the show – it was only after that I regretted that we didn’t get to hear it.

The stage show wasn’t very fancy, but the lighting was very nice. Nothing out of the ordinary, but very fitting and rounding off a really nice evening of music.

Summarizing: Well done.

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