George Ezra (Support: Hot 8 Brass Band)

George Ezra played another concert in Vienna. This time his support was Hot 8 Brass Band.
Seen on: 20.5.2019

It was not so long ago that I saw George Ezra live in Vienna and I probably wouldn’t have gone to see him straight away again, but it became a family event, so I went after all and I did have fun again, albeit I wouldn’t need to see him a third time (at least not on this tour). Hot 8 Brass Band was also a really good opening act.

George Ezra sitting in an almost empty truck with a guitar in his lap.
George Ezra

Hot 8 Brass Band were completely new to me and I’m not the biggest fan of brass music, so I didn’t know if I would get into it. But indeed they played a reallly good show and really heated the crowd up – and that despite the fact that the sound mix wasn’t great for them (music too loud, voices too low). Very impressive and definitely fun.

George Ezra was still on the same tour as when I was at his show half a year earlier. That meant that we really got basically the same show again – including all the same stories, basically down to the last word. I thought that was interesting, giving a glimpse of how much these shows are choreographed, at least once the artists get past a certain level of fame.

Speaking of – in the fall, his show was in a much smaller location (for up to 3.600 people). This second show was in the biggest hall in Austria, in its smallest use still twice that size. That not only meant that there were many more people (and we were much further away from the stage), but also that they really took the light show much further than at the last concert, including some really nice animations (and equally nice lanterns). It was definitely more bombastic that way.

The songs are good, the atmosphere was nice and I definitely enjoyed the show. Even if, as I said, I will probably wait a while before seeing George Ezra yet again.

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