Hozier (Support: Saint Sister)

Hozier played a show in the Gasometer in Vienna. As a supporting band he brought Saint Sister.
Seen on: 21.11.2018

I saw Hozier a couple of years ago and loved his show then, so my expectations for this one were pretty high again.Fortunately I was not disappointed and I’m looking forward to his new album even more – it promises to be great.

The last Hozier concert was at the same venue and it was rather badly organized back then (through no fault of Hozier). This time, it wasn’t so bad, so I actually made it to catch at least the tail end of Saint Sister’s show. I didn’t know them before, but I enjoyed their set. It was pretty calm and very melodious, less warming up the crowd than making sure they’re comfortable for the show to come.

Hozier himself was great again. He played most of his old songs, but also some new stuff that I very much liked as well. Especially Movement struck me (and not only because it very much sounds like Retrograde by James Blake – a song I absolutely love) and I can only say that I’m looking forward to the release of his new album – even more than I did before.

He also played a nice encore where he covered Say My Name in a genre-bending way I really enjoyed. It was generally a concert where I could sing along a lot, and that is definitely a good thing.

The light show was good and worked very well with the black fabric that covered the back of the stage, rounding off the beautiful music and energetic performance. I just wish it had lasted even longer.

Summarizing: Awesome.

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