Camp Death III in 2D! (2018)

Camp Death III in 2D!
Director: Matt Frame
Writer: Matt Frame
Cast: Dave Peniuk, Angela Galanopoulos, Darren Andrichuk, Emma Docker, Chris Allen, Starlise Waschuk, Terry mullett, Cynthia Chalmers, Gerald Gerald Geraldson, Hans Potter, Katherine Alpen, Jason Asuncion, Andrea Bang
Seen on: 6.1.2019
[Screener review.]

Camp Crystal Meph was the scene of a horrific bloodbath by the killer Johann Van Damme (Terry mullett). But a few years later, Todd (Dave Peniuk) is ready to give it another try. His uncle Mel (Darren Andrichuk) owns the camp ground and Todd has set up a new camp concept. Together with his camp counselors Rachel (Angela Galanopoulos) and Barry (Chris Allen), they are ready to welcome their group. But soon after their arrival, people start dying – again -, murderous squirrels run wild and nobody has any clue what is actually happening

Camp Death III in 2D! is a parody of Friday the 13th Part III in 3D that has some nicely silly ideas, but unfortunately overdoes it a lot of the times. Plus, it is just so ableist that I really wanted to scream.

Camp Death III in 2D! is at its best when it forgets that it is totally edgy and doesn’t give a damn about political correctness. That’s when you get deathly toaster attacks, musical numbers, sinister squirrels, hovercraft-and-lightsword chase scenes, stabbing instructions, microphone-amplifier feedback and puppets on the lam.

But for every silliness that is genuinely entertaining, there are at least two things that didn’t work for me – and most of those things were ableist. It starts with the fact that the camp reopens for mentally ill people in such stereotypical portrayal that it’s just offensive. Then there’s Barry the camp counselor who is a wheelchair user but spends most of his time lying somewhere next to the chair because hahaha that’s funny. Especially when he’s getting the shit kicked out of him while he lies on the floor. The r-word is used to described Johann Van Damme because obviously the slasher has to be disabled as well.

But it’s not just the ableism that grated, there is the casually racist portrayal of Angela, the only Asian girl who is so painfully shy that she can’t speak out loud (was racist in Pitch Perfect, is racist here). There is the misogyny of Mel killing his own wife in place of the villain because she is just so annoying (I am still wondering whether she’s supposed to be Jewish because then her portrayal is antisemitic, too). There is the “confession” of Rod who is played by a woman (Léonie Armstrong) and as he works up to come clean about something, I realized how I tensed up waiting for the transmisia that I was sure would follow. But then it doesn’t come and I was supposed to laugh about that? No, thank you. That’s not funny at all.

I was not expecting a PG13 comedy and I am well aware that horror comedies more often than not don’t value “political correctness”. But the sheer density of the problematic jokes, the increasingly shrill tone of the film (I adjusted the volume a couple of times) and the disappointing lack of actual gore left me mostly a little tired. I would have liked to enjoy the film a little more.

Summarizing: I was hoping for more silliness and gore and less edgy humor.

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