Set It Up (2018)

Set It Up
Director: Claire Scanlon
Writer: Katie Silberman
Cast: Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs
Seen on: 27.11.2018

Harper (Zoey Deutch) is the assistant of Kirsten (Lucy Liu) and Charlie (Glen Powell) is the assistant of Rick (Taye Diggs). Kirsten and Rick are both incredibly successful, unbelievably demanding and never stop working. That means that Harper and Charlie also never stop working. Until they come up with a plan: if they set up Kirsten and Rick and they fall in love, it should mean less work for everybody. And since they know everything about their bosses, it should be easy for them to make it happen. But the more Harper and Charlie work together, the more they realize how much they themselves have in common.

Set It Up is fun, shallow entertainment that nicely sticks to all genre conventions. You don’t miss much if you don’t watch it, but you will be entertained when you do watch it.

The film poster showing various images of the main characters.

I admit that I mostly watched Set It Up for Liu and Diggs because they are two of the prettiest people I have ever seen and my bi heart could not pass up the chance to see them, especially together. But it’s not just their looks, I also like them as actors, and they are very good here, stealing scenes without trying.

Although I will say that Zoey Deutch could definitely hold her own next to them (Glen Powell was a little bland, though). The script gives her the most to work with and she makes a lot of it. I generally liked the script that has some fantastic dialogues.

Charlie (Glen Powell) and Harper (Zoey Deutch) standing next to each other, smiling.

Now, Set It Up definitely doesn’t revolutionize anything (although it does have an interracial couple where nobody is white and where that isn’t a plot point – that is exceptional, at least). If you have ever seen a RomCom, you can probably guess where the story is headed and what beats it will play. But as along as you are charming while sticking to the genre conventions, I don’t mind that at all – and the film is definitely charming.

Set It Up is not a must-see movie by any means, but if you’re looking for something light and fun with pretty people, you could choose way worse than to watch it. Way, way worse.

Rick (Taye Diggs) and Kirsten (Lucy Liu) at a sports game.

Summarizing: Fun.

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