Rock Addiction (Nalini Singh)

Rock Addiction is the first novel in the Rock Kiss series by Nalini Singh.
Finished on: 15.12.2018

Molly has always played it safe in her life, following the rules, careful not to attract undue attention. But when she meets rockstar Zachary Fox at an event, sparks fly and Molly allows herself one night without her usual restraint. After that night, Fox is not read to give her up. Instead he suggests that they take a month for their fling. In that time, he hopes to win her over entirely, while Molly still dreads the media spotlight that will necessarily fall upon her by his side.

I have been reading Singh’s Psy-Changeling series for a while now (and still love it), but her Guild Hunter series wasn’t my cup of tea. So, when she announced a new series that centers a rock band, I didn’t jump at it because rock bands also aren’t necessarily my thing (well, to listen to, absolutely, but to fantasize about, not so much). But then there was a day where this novel was free, so I thought, it’s the ideal opportunity to see if I didn’t love it after all. And what can I say? I guess I have another series of Singh’s that I’m going to follow now.

The book cover showing a shirtless guy with a tattoed arm and a microphone in his hand.

So, rockstars still aren’t my thing after reading this, but Fox and Molly are – I just really liked them. Despite the fact that Fox is very pushy at times, definitely pushing my limits of what I’m willing to accept, but never crossing them.

I thought that the paparazzi part – that gives Molly so much anxiety and is also one of the things that gave me pause about the entire concept – was handled rather well. It is obvious how uncomfortable and invasive this entire thing is, but it wasn’t over-dramatized either.

I enjoyed the structure of the series as well as the book hints at the romances of all the other band members (and Molly’s best friend Charlie) who each get their own novel that all take place at the same time. This was well-executed and made for a nice change from the usual “one after the other” approach of series.

The novel was also definitely steamier than Singh’s other books, which was nice. That Molly is a virgin at the beginning of the novel was a bit weird to me, but I liked that she decided to lose her virginity in a one-night-stand. And fortunately they quickly drop that angle and it’s not important anymore.

So I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I’m looking forward to reading more about the band, but especially Charlie’s story.

Summarizing: Good, hot romance.


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