Multi-Facial (1995)

Director: Vin Diesel
Writer: Vin Diesel
Cast: Vin Diesel, Lewis Steidl, Cara Gaffen, Phillip Jones, Ivan Jordain, F. Valentino Morales
Seen on: 2.2.2019
[You can watch it here.]

Mike (Vin Diesel) tries to make it as an actor, but he struggles. Not just because it is hard making at as an actor in general, but also because he looks like he belongs to several racial categories – or none at all in particular.

Multi-Facial is not only an astutely observed short film about the difficulties of navigating racial issues and identity as an actor (and outside of acting as well), but also proves how talented Vin Diesel is, both as an actor and as a filmmaker (something that gets easily overlooked with the kind of roles he gets nowadays). I was very impressed by the film.

The film poster showing Mike (Vin Diesel) with writing across his face. You can see the words "variety" and "diversity",

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