Jeremy Loops (Support: James Hersey)

Jeremy Loops played (another) concert in Vienna. This time his support was James Hersey.
Seen on: 9.2.2019

James Hersey is not so much my cup of tea – I had seen his name before the show and I think I listened to a couple of songs, but I couldn’t really remember them. But Jeremy Loops was fantastic and fun again (despite being sick – I wouldn’t have known he was if he hadn’t told us).

Jeremy Loops playing his guitar on a beach in the sunset.
Jeremy Loops

As I said, I didn’t really know James Hersey before this concert (and I didn’t know that he actually had a song together with Jeremy Loops) and I’m afraid that this concert didn’t really win me over, either. The music was nice, but nothing really that touched me or that stuck with me after the concert was over. Hersey himself also came across as a little hyper on stage, and not necessarily in a good way. That being said, it was not a bad show and there wasn’t much missing for me to really like his music.

Jeremy Loops was great again, though – and that even though he said that he was pretty sick. I wouldn’t have known, as I said above, he hadn’t said so, although admittedly he may have been a little loopy (no pun intended. Although…) – he did talk a lot and repeated himself quite a bit. Nevertheless, the energy was good on stage and he did come across as quite charming – maybe because of that.

Anyway, the music of the new album may lend itself even better for concert playing. I wouldn’t have thought that possible because even the older stuff is made to be played live. And yet. Maybe I also got that impression because he did use the loop pedal a little more than during the last concert (I think) – and that’s always magic when you see it unfold live.

His songs definitely invite you to sing along and I always like it when singing along is encouraged – there were some nice moments in this show as well. There were even some nice little show effects that rounded things off very nicely. It was just a really good night.

Summarizing: wonderful.

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