GLOBAL 2000 Birthday Party 2017

Global 2000 is an Austrian environmental NGO. For their 35th birthday as an organization, they organized a little festival with various bands that I attended on September 16, 2017.

I learned about this concert because I heard from my sister that Jeremy Loops was great and that he would be playing in Austria. I listened to his music and liked it, then I started listening to Grossstadtgeflüster and liked them, too, and since I already knew that I liked Attwenger that decided it for me: I’d definitely go there. And it was an excellent decision as it was a great show.

I arrived during the last minutes of the first band playing, Kommando Elefant, an Austrian indie rock band. Since I usually don’t like their music all that much, I had decided to skip them, but I actually have to say that the song I caught – Das Leben ist schön – was actually really nice and made me reconsider listening to their music (I did listen to it, but other than that song, it’s still not my cup of tea).

The next act on stage was Neonschwarz, a German HipHop band. I didn’t know them before the show and their music is not really my style, but they brought a great sense of energy on stage, despite some struggles with the technology and the mics on stage that just didn’t work as they should. While I enjoyed their show, I was less taken with being called a Neonschwarzi – apparently the name they give their fans and a pun on Neo-Nazi.

Attwenger – an Austrian duo playing drums and accordeon and making their very own brand of music – delivered a great show. It must have been around 15 years ago that I saw them for the first time, a concert that really stuck with me for the sheer danceability and atmosphere. So much time later and they still rock. They rock a surprising amount, considering that it’s only two dudes on stage and they aren’t the youngest anymore.

The next act was finally Jeremy Loops. He’s a South African loop pedal artist, who is traveling with a band and a rapper and makes some really good music. My sister had already told me that he was on fire when performing live, so my expectations were pretty high – and he fully delivered. It was a great concert that had the crowd (and me of course) jumping, singing and dancing.

The for me final act of the night were Grossstadtgeflüster, a German electro-pop band [They also made music for Tiger Girl] (after them, Mono & Nikitaman played but I don’t really care for their music, so I left a little early). It was hard to imagine that after the explosive atmosphere during the Loops concert, the mood could be ramped up even more and become even more party-ish, but they managed – and with apparent ease. Starting with the mic check that became the first sing-along opportunity to the encore they were granted on short notice because the crowd was cheering so much.

As I said, I didn’t stay to watch Mono & Nikitaman, but if I was them, I would worry about going on stage after Grossstadtgeflüster and they had already a tough act to follow in Jeremy Loops. Fortunately, I wasn’t the ony who had to make the shows. Watching all of them was nothing but a pleasure.

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