Grossstadtgeflüster [German] played an open-air concert in the Arena in Vienna.
Seen on: 16.9.2022

I saw Grossstadtgeflüster (also open-air in the Arena) a few years ago and it was a great show, so I was happy to get tickets for this show – for May 2020. We all know what happened then. It took until this month for the show to actually happen – but I’d say that the wait definitely paid off. It was an awesome concert and party, and since the whole thing happened open-air (and the rain had stopped by the time they came on stage), it was even a worry-free experience for me despite the great number of people there. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them again sometime.

The band sitting on a picnic table in a park - two men and a woman.

September is a risky time for an open-air show and they were a bit unlucky: it was a rather cold night and it had been raining (I decided to skip the support act – and the rain – so I was lucky to have stayed dry). But if you have to attend a concert in the cold, Grossstadtgeflüster is the way to go because they know how to heat things up and had people jumping and singing in no time.

Their music is really well-suited for just this – their lyrics aren’t usually super-complicated, but pretty witty, and their beats are fast and made for dancing. But it’s not just the music, singer Jen and to a slightly lesser extent, keyboard player and sometimes singer Raphael, also like to talk and are exellent at relating to the audience and getting into interactions. Plus, they seemed really happy to be in Vienna again, so that also contributed to the overall party mood.

Even when they played a couple of slower, calmer songs, that mood didn’t go away, but just gave us some breathing space so we could jump through the next song again. They played a really long show – almost two hours – so those short breaks were appreciated for sure.

Towards the end, they played Diadem (below) and So viel Talente, both odes to your own grandeur, one sung by Jen, the other by Raphael. And apparently Raphael always wanted a throne for his performance (since Diadem is all about being a princess), but never got one – until the Arena team provided one for him and had the band breaking down in laughter. For the audience, too, it was a really nice moment.

I actually had to get up the next morning, so I was unsure whether I would stay until the end of the concert or catch an earlier train home, but ultimately, I stayed and I felt so energized by this night that I didn’t even have a problem getting up the next day. That’s what all concerts should achieve.

Summarizing: party perfection.

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