Tiger Girl (2017)

Tiger Girl
Director: Jakob Lass
Writer: Jakob Lass, Eva-Maria Reimer, Ines Schiller, Hannah Schopf, Nico Woche
Cast: Ella Rumpf, Maria Dragus, Enno Trebs, Orce Feldschau, Benjamin Lutzke, Franz Rogowski, Ulrik Bruchholz, Lana Cooper, Robert Gwisdek
Seen on: 2.5.2017

Vanilla (Maria Dagus) failed the police academy entrance exam, so instead she starts training as a security. And then she meets Tiger (Ella Rumpf). Tiger sees the potential of Vanilla’s uniform and starts whittling away at her inhibitions. But as Vanilla loses herself in the exhilarating life Tiger seems to promise, Tiger realizes that maybe some lines should not be crossed. But will Vanilla let herself be put on a leash again?

The only time I could catch Tiger Girl was at a late night showing, so I re-considered watching it at all about 50 times. But in the end I went for it – and I’m more than happy that I did. It’s an absolutely amazing film with two unruly characters who I loved watching.

Tiger Girl reminded me a little of Der Samurai, and if that’s the start of a new wave of German films, I’m here for it. Both films play with rules and how much adherence to them is necessary, but also how much resistance to them is equally necessary.

The film does so with two amazing characters (and great performances by both Dagus and Rumpf) who are not only unusual for what they’re allowed to do as women, but are generally unusual. They also come very much alive (again, thanks to the wonderful performances) and I dare you not to fall in love with Tiger at least the tiniest bit when you watch the film.

The film had me glued to my seat, anxiously awaiting every new turn the relationship between Tiger and Vanilla took. I don’t know if that’s despite or because the constant sense of tension and discomfort and dread that runs through it. You know that things probably won’t end well, but just what does that mean?

Plus, the film has a great soundtrack that fuels the nervous and also exhilarating energy that made the film such a special experience for me.

Summarizing: I loved it.

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