Love Steaks (2013)

Love Steaks
Director: Jakob Lass
Writer: Jakob Lass, Ines SchillerTimon SchäppiNico Woche
Cast: Lana CooperFranz RogowskiKerstin AbendrothDaniel AlznauerEric PoppRalf Winter
Seen on: 11.10.2017

Clemens (Franz Rogowski) just started working at a spa hotel. He is allowed to stay in a small storage room there and starts learning. But when the meek Clemens meets the rebellious Lara (Lana Cooper) who works in the kitchen, sparks start flying. As the two get more and more wrapped into each other, that spark between them starts to cause chaos in the entire hotel.

Love Steaks wasn’t my cup of tea. Difficult people in broken relationships is an interesting topic but if you try to sell it to me as romance, I’m out. And that’s what happened here.

After Tiger Girl, Lass’ follow-up to this film, I was curious to watch Love Steaks as well, and admittedly my expectations were high. That’s how much I was impressed by Tiger Girl. Unfortunately Love Steaks didn’t impact me the way Tiger Girl did. It’s not even close.

I can’t say that the film was badly made. It was an interesting setting and the cast was really great. Rogowski and Cooper had their parts cut out for them and they do a perfect job in their respective roles. And the film had the best scene involving pineapples ever – gotta admire it for that.

But as Clemens and Lara’s relationship spirals out of control more and more, I was taken aback more and more. I know, I’m not a romantic person, but when a relationship involves two people hitting each other (and not in a “this is a consensual BDSM game for us and we talked extensively about rules and limits” way), I don’t think that even the most romantic person should be rooting for that couple as perfect lovers.

The film starts off well enough and did draw me in at first. But the last half hour or so, after the relationship fell apart (for me), it was almost torturous to sit through the rest of the film.

Summarizing:Didn’t work for me.

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