Wonder Woman: Warbringer (Leigh Bardugo)

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo is the first of the DC Icons novels.
Finished on: 3.4.2019

Diana would like the chance to prove herself to the other Amazons and finally the day seems to have come when there is a big competition. But during the competition, Diana stumbles upon a girl who washed up on the shore of their island. Going against all rules, she offers the girl – Alia – refuge. But Alia is not just any girl, she is a Warbringer, and with Diana’s rescue, Diana may just have doomed the world.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer is a good read but didn’t win me over completely. There were a couple of things that just didn’t work for me, but overall, I did like it.

The book cover showing Wonder Woman, her hair blowing in the wind, her face shadowed, her arms crossed in front of her chest behind a shield with her emblem.

Diana’s basic conflict that takes up a good part of the novel – the question of whether she is Amazon enough – was well established and written, but it is not a conflict that spoke to me personally that much. I resonated more with Alia, but above all I loved Nim and Theo who were simply great sidekicks. Nim has my heart in any case.

What did bother me was how things developed with Jason, though. [SPOILERS] His betrayal was on the one hand inevitable and could be seen coming a mile away, and on the other hand it annoyed me supremely. [SPOILERS] I just would have liked things to be different here. Generally there were a couple of things that were a little too predictable. The monsters at the end also didn’t work for me that well. I thought they were too much, too over the top. I just didn’t feel that they were necessary.

Other than that, though, I really enjoyed the novel and how it centers two very different girls who work together and become friends. That’s something I always like to read. Plus, there’s Nim.

Summarizing: a very nice read.

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