Schöne Bescherungen [Season’s Greetings] – DNF

Schöne Bescherungen
Director: Barbara Frey
Writer: Alan Ayckbourn
Cast: Katharina Lorenz, Nicholas Ofczarek, Tino Hillebrand, Marie-Luise Stockinger, Michael Maertens, Maria Happel, Fabian Krüger, Dörte Lyssewski, Falk Rockstroh
Seen on: 4.4.2019

Neville (Nicholas Ofczarek) and Belinda (Katharina Lorenz) are hosting the Christmas party for their family and friends. But when many people come together, tensions easily rise and this Christmas is no different. Between puppet plays and sudden attractions outside of partnerships, politicking and drinking, a lot happens and very little is good.

Schöne Bescherungen is an okay play, but somehow I didn’t get into it. There were a couple of funny moments, but overall the timing in the play just wasn’t right. The performances didn’t come together for me, either – with the exception of Michael Maertens’ Bernard – especially since they just didn’t talk loudly enough. I loved the stage design which was surprisingly detailed and non-minimalistic for a Burgtheater play. But the play just didn’t convince me to stick it out until the (very late) ending, so I left early and I don’t regret it.

Neville (Nicholas Ofczarek), Belinda (Katharina Lorenz) and two of their guests standing around a third who lies on the floor as if dead.

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