Eddie Izzard: Wunderbar

Eddie Izzard came to Vienna for another show, this time with her Wunderbar program.
Seen on: 17.4.2019
[Here’s my review of her Force majeur program.]

I love Eddie Izzard and her Wunderbar program really was wonderful. It is more personal than earlier programs, I feel, and also increasingly absurd – and I liked both those developments. What a beautiful and funny night.

The tour poster showing Eddie Izzard standing over the word "Wunderbar", her hand on her belly.

I think the first thing that really stood out to me is that Wunderbar feels more personal than what I know of her stand-up programs so far. She talks about her parents and about coming out trans – and makes it very clear that being trans is not a shtick for her programs, but her identity. I liked that clarity, because people like to forget that about her.

What I did struggle with a little was how she celebrates her atheism. I mean, I am an atheist myself, but in the last few years my view of religion has changed a lot, partly because I educated myself about the importance of spiritualism in communities of color, and partly because so many atheists are so incredibly insufferable about it and hide their misogyny and racism behind their atheism, thinking that the latter is enough to make them progressive. Anyway, that is definitely not how Izzard lives her atheism, at least not in her program, and I don’t mean to imply that. It’s just to say that I have started to view atheism more critically and it isn’t as easy anymore to laugh about that topic for me.

In any case, that is only part of her program, and the rest is really fantastic. I really like how absurd things can get with her and it always work. Also, “warum the fuck nicht” had me crying with laughter. In short, it was a fantastic evening, and I hope it won’t take her another 6 years to come back to Austria with her next program.

Summarizing: wunderbar, indeed.

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