Spark (Alice Broadway)

Spark is the second novel in the Skin Books trilogy by Alice Broadway.
Finished on: 18.7.2019
[Here’s my review of the first book.]

After the recent revelations about her world and herself, Leora is questioning everything. It appears that everything she ever knew is wrong. Saintstone’s Mayor Longsight hopes to use Leora to spy on the blanks in Featherstone, but Leora is not so sure that she can do it. Or that she should. But she can’t really say no, either. And so she leaves the only town she ever knew to try to learn more.

Spark is a really good sequel, a quick read that kept me engaged and gives Leora space to grow in a very understandable way. I liked it.

The book cover that is covered in red tattoo-like markings, showing, among other things, a bird, a squirrel, a feather and a girl in white instead of red, stretching her arm toward the bird.

I may have a slight conditioning from the young adult stuff I read so far because I expected another love triangle in this book that again failed to materialize. And again, I’m pretty glad about that, although I’m really not all that convinced about Oscar. We’ll see.

There are other characters, though, that I really loved – above all Leora of course. But apart from her, of the new characters, Gull and Sana, and from the old ones, I still love Obel and I do hope that he survives all of this.

But my favorite part of the book were probably the stories within the story. They were supposed to land somewhere between legends and fairy tales in style, I guess, but they end up being their very own thing – and that thing fits the story really well.

I certainly appreciated that the book refuses to make an entire group out to be evil – there are individuals who aren’t good people, but not entire groups. Overall, I have to say that I just really liked the book – I didn’t expect to, to be honest, but I’m happy I did.

Summarizing: good.

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