Saga – Volume 2 (Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples)

Saga is a comic series by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. Volume 2 collects the issues 7-12.
Finished on: 28.7.2019
[Here’s my review of the first volume.]

Marko and Alana are still on the run with their baby Hazel, when they are unexpectedly joined by none other than Marko’s parents. They are at least as critical of Marko’s liaison with a woman from Landfall as the rest of the universe seems to be, but they also won’t just give up their grandchild. So they make their way together towards the writer who inspired Alana and Marko to give their love a chance in the first place.

The second Volume of Saga manages to keep up the already high quality of the first volume while expanding the world and upping the stakes. It is simply excellent.

The cover image showing Marko, a horned man, covered in blood.

I liked that we get a bit more insight into the past in this one, especially into Marko’s past with his parents showing up, but also his history with Gwen. But even more exciting for me was to see how Marko and Alana met – I loved to get the details here.

But the story does push forward as well, the team-up of The WIll and Gwen especially interesting for me – I liked that idea, I’m curious to see where things are headed with them. And that this volume ends on a cliffhanger with Heist makes me look forward to the next volume even more. I have got to know how things continue and if they come up with more stuff like the space egg, because wow.

The art is again stunning here, too. Beautiful, expressive and great colors, I wanted to linger over every page, and it feels like you could take every panel and frame it. Really fantastic.

Summarizing: I’m absolutely floored by this series.

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