Hozier (Support: Christoh)

Hozier played another concert in Vienna. This time his support was Christoh.
Seen on: 10.9.2019

Christoh was a surprise as the supporting musician, but his music definitely made me curious to listen to it some more after the show.
This was the third time I saw Hozier live and with the Konzerthaus as the venue, things were even better than usual. It was a great show and a wonderful evening.

Hozier leaning against a lantern post

Christoh told us at the beginning of his set that he got the call that same day whether he wanted to open for Hozier – the band that was originally planned couldn’t make it. Of course, he couldn’t say no to an opportunity like that. So, despite little preparation he playes a really nice show. And even if there were no instant favorites in his songs for me, I will definitely listen to him some more and see if I can’t find a favorite after all.

Since it isn’t the first time that I saw Hozier on stage, I expected the show to be really great – and it was. The Konzerthaus really is a beautiful place to play and it complemented his music nicely (definitely a more charming location than the Gasometer where I saw him the other two times). He had a nice light show that fit very well with the concert hall as well.

His setlist consisted of a good mix of songs – both old and new – that gave me an evening filled with favorites (then again, it is hard not to think of a song that isn’t a favorite). He himself also came across as really nice and charming with a good sense of humor. He also often referred to his band and pointed out their skills (and damn they are talented, a lot of them playing more than one instrument), which made him even more likeable.

They ended a good show with a rather rare performance, closing a beautiful night in a great way.

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