Anne of Avonlea (Lucy Maud Montgomery)

Anne of Avonlea is the second novel in the Anne of Green Gables Series by Lucy Maud Montgomery.
Finished on: 12.9.2019
[Here’s my review of the first novel.]

Anne has finished school and is now teaching at the school in Avonlea, while Gilbert is teaching at White Sands. They still spend a lot of time together studying and preparing for possibly going to college. But even in Avonlea, things change: Anne gets a new neighbor in Mr Harrison who is not all that pleasant and the twins Davy and Dora join her and Marilla at Green Gables. Distant relatives of Marilla, they don’t have anywhere else to stay and especially Davy knows how to keep them busy.

Anne of Avonlea is a very nce read again, though I maybe didn’t quite get into it as much as the first novel in the series. Still, I’m looking forward to reading the next installment in the series, as I am really enjoying it.

The book cover shwoing a red-haired young woman with a bunch of yellow flowers.

As with the first book, Anne of Avonlea is told in glimpses, moments and slices of life that ultimately turn into a cohesive look at Avonlea and Anne’s development and place in it. It’s a lovely structure for storytelling, although arguably, it isn’t much of story in the plot-driven sense we are used to nowadays. But I enjoy it a lot.

I found the part with Davy and Dora really intereting – especially because everybody focuses so much on Davy, and Dora gets overlooked in her niceness and adaptability. I am pretty sure she drew the short end of the stick in this setting and as much as that is uncomfortable to think about, it’s definitely not unrealistic.

I also liked that Montgomery is taking her time with the lovestory between Anne and Gilbert. I mean, we all knew since the first novel that those two are pretty much destined to be together, but not yet, not yet.

As I said, I may not have loved this novel as much as the first, but I did love it and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

Summarizing: very nice.

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