Tammy and the T-Rex (1994)

Tammy and the T-Rex
Director: Stewart Raffill
Writer: Stewart Raffill, Gary Brockette
Cast: Denise Richards, Theo Forsett, Paul Walker, Ellen Dubin, Terry Kiser, George ‘Buck’ Flower, Ken Carpenter, George Pilgrim, Sean Whalen
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 27.9.2019

Content Note: homomisia, sexism

Michael (Paul Walker) is very in love with Tammy (Denise Richards). Luckily, she is in love with him too. Unluckily, her ey-boyfriend Billy (George Pilgrim) doesn’t accept that things are over between him and Tammy (to be fair, Tammy isn’t very clear) and he certainly doesn’t want Michael anywhere near her. So he brings his friends to beat up Michael. Badly injured, Michael is snatched up in the hospital by Dr. Wachenstein (Terry Kiser) who transplants his brain into a mechanical T-Rex. When Michael wakes in his new body, he has only two thoughts: Tammmy; and getting his revenge.

Tammy and the T-Rex is everything you expect from a trash movie. Thankfully, it knows exactly what it is and goes from ridiculous to ludicrous with sense of joy that makes the film an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

The film poster showing drawings of the main characters and a T-Rex with a bloody mouth.

For some reason, Tammy and the T-Rex was almost forgotten. Part of that was certainly that the version that circulated for the longest time was a kids’ version with all the gore removed. I would really like to know whoever had that particular idea, because even if you cut out all the blood, this is not a children’s film – and the blood and gore are an essential part of the film’s sense of humor.

Be that as it may, fortunately we got to see a restored version with the full gore that made it easy to appreciate just how over-the-top the film is – starting with the idea in itself to the costumes (especially Tammy’s) to the characters in general: there is no holding back here for the sake of realism and it’s lovely.

Tammy (Denise Richards) rides Michael (Paul Walker) in T-Rex form.

Less lovely, unfortunately, was the film’s homomisia. In Byron (Theo Forsett) the film gives us a black, gay man (tokenism bingo) who seems to be only there so the film can make homomisic jokes at every turn. It was really hard to stomach. Easier to take was the ending of the film: a gratuitous striptease by Denise Richards that is definitely sexist and objectifying, but I’m only human and Denise Richards is undressing here.

Despite those things, Tammy and the T-Rex is a masterclass in nonsense and it definitely had me laughing almost the entire time. What more could I ask from cult trash?

Tammy (Denise Richards) hugs Michael (Paul Walker) in T-Rex form and cries.

Summarizing: Silly and fun.

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