Hair Love (2019)

Hair Love
Director: Matthew A. Cherry, Everett Downing Jr., Bruce W. Smith
Writer: Matthew A. Cherry
Cast: Issa Rae
Seen on: 23.1.2020
[You can watch it here!]

A little girl tries to get her hair ready for school with the help of a video tutorial. But this isn’t as easy as it looks. When her father sees her attempts, he tries to help – but it’s not like he has much more capabilities in that regard either.

Hair Love is a supercute, touching short film that shows black fatherhood in a very different way from what we usually get to see in media: as a caring, gender-boundary breaking love. It has a nice sense of humor, too, and manages to get very emotional in such a short runtime. The only thing that I would have loved is if they hadn’t gotten rid of the mom so permanently to tell this story. But that’s really just nitpicking and I’d give the film all the stars, if I gave stars at all.

The film poster showing the drawing of a father standing behind his daughter looking nonplussed at her hair, a giant afro.

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