A Match Made for Thanksgiving (Jackie Lau)

A Match Made for Thanksgiving is the first novel(la) in the Holidays with the Wongs series by Jackie Lau.
Finished on: 7.3.2021

Nick Wong loves the big city life in Toronto, especially being able to meet new women all the time and taking them back to his penthouse. One of these women is Lily Tseng who just got out of a relationship and is trying to not take things so seriously for now. But after Nick and Lily part in the morning, they are both still thinking about each other – without knowing that the other is in the same position. When Nick returns home for Thanksgiving, he finds that his parents have set him and his siblings up on blind dates for the night. And Lily is one of those dates – meant for his brother Greg. But having Lily walk into his life for a second time, Nick is not willing to let her go again.

A Match Made for Thanksgiving was a quick, sweet read that knows what tropes are for and uses them well. A word of warning, though: do not read it while hungry.

The book cover showing a table full of classic thanksgiving food, but also ramen.

A Match Made for Thanksgiving is rather aware about romance tropes and plays freely with them. Not only with the story itself, but also in the way Nick’s family chose their dates for them. It is not interested in subverting those tropes – the chosen dates are not wrong because they were chosen on the basis of tropes, but because the wrong tropes were chosen. And so, the book becomes a loving execution of a favorite trope.

I liked Lily and Nick and their honesty with each other and themselves. There is very little angsting about anything, and problems are quickly resolved. This might be too quick for some, and while I am usually one of those people who complain about things moving too quickly, I didn’t mind it here.

When the book isn’t busy with the romancing, it is all about food (often those two things are very much intertwined). There is so much eating going on and so much food everywhere and it all sounds so good… I can only recommend that you’re not hungry when you read this. Or have all kinds of food at your disposal.

The book is not the best book ever written, but it is sweet and fun and barely has any white people. And it continues with a novel(la) about Greg, Nick’s brother, who was the most intriguing character for me (he is just my type: a little too serious and doesn’t talk much). So I will definitely read his story – and then we’ll see.

Summarizing: very cute.

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