A Second Chance Road Trip for Christmas (Jackie Lau)

A Second Chance Road Trip for Christmas is the second novel(la) in the Holiday with the Wongs series by Jackie Lau.
Finished on: 29.3.2021
[Here’s my review of the first book.]

When his mother tells Greg that she has arranged everything for Greg to give his ex-girlfriend Tasha a ride back home from Toronto for the holidays, Greg is dismayed. Not just because he likes to have his peace while driving, but also because he knows it’s an attempt from his mother to get them back together. But there is no backing out now. And then, of course, Greg and Tasha have to stop overnight to wait out a snowstorm. Just maybe Greg’s mother was on to something, though.

A Second Chance Road Trip for Christmas is another sweet and fun read that I found very enjoyable, although I didn’t completely love it.

The book cover showing a car with presents on the roof in front of a house with a pine tree next to it.

I very much enjoyed the first Holidays with the Wongs novella, and given that Greg seemed like my kind of guy, I was looking forward to A Second Chance Road Trip for Christmas. And I have to say, the novella doesn’t disappoint. It is sweet and fun and nicely scratches any romance itch.

Greg really is my kind of guy and I also really liked Tasha. But I found that their re-falling for each other was a bit fast for me. This is a frequent complaint I have about romance stories when people have known each other for all of five minutes before swearing eternal love for each other, so I didn’t expect this to be an issue here – the two were high school sweethearts and have known each other since about forever. But they haven’t talked in years and don’t know that much about each other as adults, so it still didn’t work for me that much.

Also, I just don’t find snow forts that romantic.

That being said, I did enjoy reading the novella altogether. I enjoyed Greg and Tasha together. I love that Lau continues to plunge head-first into the cheesiest of romance tropes (oh no, the motel room only has one room left and there is only one bed and the heating is out) without a shred of irony. She knows that tropes are fun and celebrates them instead.

At the moment I don’t know if I will continue reading the series, though. The next one is Zack, the – to me – least interesting brother (and we don’t know his match yet). But then again, his story is one with fake dating and I’m a sucker for that trope, so I’ll probably end up reading it anyway.

Summarizing: very cute fun.

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