Just Wright (2010)

Just Wright
Director: Sanaa Hamri
Writer: Michael Elliot
Cast: Queen Latifah, Common, Paula Patton, James Pickens Jr., Phylicia Rashad, Pam Grier, Laz Alonso, Mehcad Brooks, Michael Landes
Seen on: 7.11.2022

Leslie (Queen Latifah) is a physiotherapist and a huge basketball fan. When she happens to meet Scott McKnight (Common), current star of her favorite basketball team, and he is flirty and invites her to a party, she can hardly believe her luck. When her cousin Morgan (Paula Patton) gets wind of the invitation, she asks to come along. She is not a basketball fan per se, but dreams of becoming the wife of one. Morgan starts flirting with Scott, whose attention quickly shifts. As Leslie is used to Morgan getting all the romantic attention, she takes this in stride. But somehow, she just can’t forget Scott.

Just Wright may not be the greatest film of all times, but it is very good at what it does and will satisfy any RomCom itch you might have.

The film poster showing Leslie (Queen Latifah) holding a basketball that Scott (Common) is trying to grab from her from behind. They are both smiling.

I liked that Just Wright took its time. Even though there is an immediate attraction between Scott and Leslie, it isn’t love instantly. And then things happen and they basically take the long way round, growing steadily closer and getting to know each other and love just comes gradually along the way. It is rare that we get this kind of romance in movies, and it is one that speaks to me very much.

I also really adored the way Morgan was handled. In more misogynistic hands, she would have been simply a gold-digging ass, out for nobody but herself in her quest to become a rich wife, and not hesitating to throw Leslie under the bus for it. But the movie hits the right notes to show that Morgan is not a bad person. Self-involved and oblivious, yes. But once she realizes that Leslie actually likes Scott, she gets out of the way immediately.

Morgan (Paula Patton) talking to Scott (Common) as Leslie (Queen Latifah) stands by.

Latifah is, as always, a thoroughly charming presence with an apparent endless well of good-will. I loved that we get a fat protagonist in a RomCom and her weight is never really any issue, apart from the acknowledgement that men will look through her for it, part of the reason why Morgan always gets all the attention. I wouldn’t have minded if she had been allowed a couple of edges, but a fat protagonist who isn’t always likeable is probably too much after all. Common is engaging enough next to her, but honestly, he takes a back seat here.

Overall, I found Just Wright really fun and sweet. While it isn’t among my favorite RomComs of all times, it is one I can see myself revisiting it in the not too distant future, when I need another fix of good feelings.

Scott (Common) cradling Leslie's (Queen Latifah) chin.

Summarizing: sweet.

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