Heaven Reaches Down to Earth (2020)

Heaven Reaches Down to Earth
Director: Tebogo Malebogo
Writer: Tebogo Malebogo, Petrus van Staden
Cast: Sizo Mahlangu, Thapelo Maropefela, Balindile ka Ngcobo
Seen on: 29.12.2022

Tau (Sizo Mahlangu) and Tumelo (Thapelo Maropefela) have been friends for a long time. But on a mountain hike together, Tau reveals something that changes Tumelo’s perception of him and their relationship.

Heaven Reaches Down to Earth is a poetic short film that leaves much open to interpretation. Narrated with a poem, it gives us slices and glances at the trip of Tau and Tumelo, leaving us mostly to imagine what exactly happened between them. Playing with magic elements and visual aspects of filmmaking, it opens up a space for queer imagination, removed safely from society in the loneliness of the mountains, that is beautiful to explore.

The film poster showing the lower half of a Black person's face in firelight, the upper half is covered by a mountain range and the silhouette of a hiker.

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