Same Same But Different (2009)

Same Same But Different is the newest movie by Detlev Buck, based on the book by Benjamin Prüfer and starring David Kross, Apinya Sakulyaroensuk and in a small supporting role Michael Ostrowski.

Benjamin (David Kross) decides to go on Holiday to Cambodia with a friend. There he meets Sreykeo (Apinya Sakulyaroensuk), a young Cambodian prostitute. They fall in love and Benjamin’s entire life, whether in Germany or in Cambodia starts to revolve around Sreykeo. But soon after, they find out that Sreykeo is HIV positive.

Same Same But Different is a nice movie. It is based on a real story, which makes it a little bit cooler than it would otherwise probably be, but altogether it is entertaining though nothing very special.

Detlev Buck does a good job as director. Though nothing blew my mind there, it’s solid and I’ve got nothing to complain about.

The same goes for David Kross’ performance. In The Reader he’s shown that he’s got great potential to be a very good actor but he needs a strong director to get him there. If he doesn’t have that, as is the case here, his performance can get a little wodden.

Apinya Sakulyaroensuk on the other hand was completely awesome. Her performance was absolutely amazing and I think and hope that we’ll get to see much more of her yet.

The story itself is interesting and the script does a good job translating the real life to the screen. It doesn’t shrink from portraying neither Benjamin nor Sreykeo as not perfect but normal human beings and that just works for me.

Summarising: if you happen to catch the film, do watch it. But it’s not necessary to scour every corner of the world for it.


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