Hotel Rock’n’Roll (2016)

Hotel Rock’n’Roll
Director: Helmut Köpping, Michael Ostrowski
Writer: Michael Glawogger, Michael Ostrowski
Sequel to: Nacktschnecken, Contact High
Cast: Michael Ostrowski, Pia Hierzegger, Gerald Votava, Georg Friedrich, Detlev Buck, Hilde Dalik, Johannes Zeiler, Jayney Klimek, Helmut Köpping
Seen on: 3.9.2016

Mao (Pia Hierzegger) inherited an old hotel from her uncle and decides to run it together with her friends and band mates Max (Michael Ostrowski) and Jerry (Gerald Votava). They want to make it a hotel with a rock theme and lifestyle. Meanwhile Schorsch (Georg Friedrich) just happens to crash into the hotel pond after robbing a bank, which brings Schorsch’s business partner Harry (Detlev Buck) to the hotel. Since Harry owns a big hotel in the area, he would like nothing more than to take over the hotel from Mao, but she won’t give up that easily, despite everything.

Hotel Rock’n’Roll was entertaining and fun. Although it didn’t manage to blow me away, it definitely had its moments.

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Contact High (2009)

Contact High
Director: Michael Glawogger
Writer: Michael Glawogger, Michael Ostrowski
Sequel to: Nacktschnecken
Cast: Michael Ostrowski, Raimund WallischPia Hierzegger, Georg Friedrich, Detlev BuckHilde Dalik, Alina Pölzl, Jeremy Strong, Anna Frances Dioso
Seen on: 15.8.2016

A spanish drugdealer forgot a bag in Poland, so he asks his partner/employee Harry (Detlev Buck) who works in Vienna to retrieve it for him. Harry passes on the job to Schorsch (Georg Friedrich) who in turn asks Mao (Pia Hierzegger) because he wants to watch the 24 hour Le Mans race. But Mao has to babysit, so she sends Max (Michael Ostrowski) and Johann (Raimund Wallisch) to do it instead. But those two can’t necessarily be trusted, and Harry is anxious to see the bag home safe and sound. While Max and Johann think of the entire thing as a nice adventure and an excellent opportunity to make some much-needed cash, Harry convinces Schorsch to follow them and make sure that they fulfill their mission.

Contact High is often funny and sometimes stronger than Nacktschnecken, but for the most part it’s clearly weaker.

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Nacktschnecken [Slugs] (2004)

Nacktschnecken [Slugs is the correct translation, but literally it means “naked snails”]
Director: Michael Glawogger
Writer: Michael Glawogger, Michael Ostrowski
Cast: Michael Ostrowski, Raimund Wallisch, Pia Hierzegger, Iva Lukic, Sophia Laggner, Georg Friedrich, Mike Supancic, Brigitte Kren, Christoph Grissemann, Andreas Kiendl, Detlev Buck
Seen on: 14.8.2016

Johann (Raimund Wallisch), Max (Michael Ostrowski) and Mao (Pia Hierzegger) are constantly looking for opportunities to make a little money. While Johann works as a postman, Max simply dreams and Mao occasionally sells drugs. Through that work she meets Schorsch (Georg Friedrich) who tells her that the easiest way to  make some money is to shoot a porn film. Inspired by that, Johann, Max and Mao jump at the chance. They find two women (Iva Lukic, Sophia Laggner) willing to participate, grab a camera and get going. But maybe shooting a porn isn’t quite as easy as they imagined.

Nacktschnecken is a fun film without much pretense at anything else than wanting to be fun. While I couldn’t go along with it all the time, I did enjoy it most of the time.

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Kabale und Liebe [Intrigue and Love] (2005)

Kabale und Liebe is Leander Haußmann‘s adaptation of Friedrich Schiller‘s play, starring August Diehl, Paula Kalenberg, Götz George, Katja Flint, Katharina Thalbach, Ignaz Kirchner, Detlev Buck and Georg Friedrich.

Ferdinand (August Diehl), a young nobleman, and Luise (Paula Kalenberg), a musician’s daughter, are in love. Unfortunately both their fathers are not happy about their relationship. Ferdinand’s father the President (Götz George) wants Ferdinand to marry the local duke’s lover, Lady Milford (Katja Flint), while Luise’s father Miller (Ignaz Kirchner) just worries about her.
When Ferdinand refuses to marry Lady Milford, his father hatches a plan together with his secretary Wurm (Detlev Buck) who would like to marry Luise himself. They will try to separate the lovers by making Ferdinand insanely jealous.

I haven’t read the play (yet), so I can’t really judge this as an adaptation. But it works very well as a film. The story is good, Schiller’s language wonderful and the cast excellent. The soundtrack is very weird, though and the sets and costumes are only ok.

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Same Same But Different (2009)

Same Same But Different is the newest movie by Detlev Buck, based on the book by Benjamin Prüfer and starring David Kross, Apinya Sakulyaroensuk and in a small supporting role Michael Ostrowski.

Benjamin (David Kross) decides to go on Holiday to Cambodia with a friend. There he meets Sreykeo (Apinya Sakulyaroensuk), a young Cambodian prostitute. They fall in love and Benjamin’s entire life, whether in Germany or in Cambodia starts to revolve around Sreykeo. But soon after, they find out that Sreykeo is HIV positive.

Same Same But Different is a nice movie. It is based on a real story, which makes it a little bit cooler than it would otherwise probably be, but altogether it is entertaining though nothing very special.

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