Hotel Rock’n’Roll (2016)

Hotel Rock’n’Roll
Director: Helmut Köpping, Michael Ostrowski
Writer: Michael Glawogger, Michael Ostrowski
Sequel to: Nacktschnecken, Contact High
Cast: Michael Ostrowski, Pia Hierzegger, Gerald Votava, Georg Friedrich, Detlev Buck, Hilde Dalik, Johannes Zeiler, Jayney Klimek, Helmut Köpping
Seen on: 3.9.2016

Mao (Pia Hierzegger) inherited an old hotel from her uncle and decides to run it together with her friends and band mates Max (Michael Ostrowski) and Jerry (Gerald Votava). They want to make it a hotel with a rock theme and lifestyle. Meanwhile Schorsch (Georg Friedrich) just happens to crash into the hotel pond after robbing a bank, which brings Schorsch’s business partner Harry (Detlev Buck) to the hotel. Since Harry owns a big hotel in the area, he would like nothing more than to take over the hotel from Mao, but she won’t give up that easily, despite everything.

Hotel Rock’n’Roll was entertaining and fun. Although it didn’t manage to blow me away, it definitely had its moments.


Hotel Rock’n’Roll did nothing to alleviate my worries about the relationship between Harry and Schorsch and its homophobic undertones. Quite to the contrary. The film spends more time with them and that doesn’t make things any better (although Georg Friedrich is and remains the best thing about the trilogy). Especially when you compound it with the only song (Futschikato) Mao, Max and Jerry play with their band (although in various genre incarnations, which would have been a whole lot more fun if one of those incarnations wasn’t a racist reggae bit). The song has earworm potential and starts with rather non-sensical lyrics, but then veers off into “gender bender” territory (I’m quoting the song here that speaks of gender bender, despite being mostly obsessed with body parts), singing about how “my uncle is my uncle, even though he is a queen, without a pecker in his panty, though, he would be my auntie” which is simply transphobic, and neither clever nor funny.

Both these things show that they thought they were being liberal and accepting of MOGII people, but they only accept them as punchline to not particularly clever jokes. The rest of the film is busy getting Max and Jerry their female trophies and fuckbuddies, because no man could do without that.

hotelrocknroll1But okay, I didn’t exactly expect feminist gender dynamics in the film (what I expected and got were sex workers, because what would be an Austrian film if not half of its female cast were sex workers). And the film does have quite a bit to offer if you manage to overlook that. The music is generally very nice (even Futschikato). The aptly titled Stress fits perfectly and there is a bit that is absolutely worthy of The Mighty Boosh with an underwater DJ that was pretty amazing. Also, this song.

And they do manage some good, if mostly stupid, jokes as well. It would be quite surprising if that cast didn’t get at least some bits right and every once in a while the film does take off. But while I was entertained throughout, my problems with the film kept me from really loving it.

hotelrocknroll2Summarizing: If you liked the first two films, you’re probably going to like this one as well.

7 thoughts on “Hotel Rock’n’Roll (2016)

  1. “Georg Friedrich is and remains the best thing about the trilogy” – I agree, for me, he has been the driving force all along. I found the first to be ok, the second I remember quite entertaining and this one I basically only watched as I liked the second and because of Schorschi. I was expecting something even worse to be honest, considereing it is a third part (and an Austrian movie). Even though I also find numerous issues problematic if not disturbing, on the whole, it was okay/entertaining and absolutely had its moments. The ‘I Bet it Rains” scene you linked to was probably the strongest imho. The ‘Max & Jerry” part of the film was the one I was least interested in, moste likely due to the “female trophies/fuckbuddies” plot (your description is once again dead-on) which I found rather obnoxious.

    • It’s unfortunate that so often we get films full of interesting characters only for the film to focus on the two bland white dudes. :)

      But at least we’ll always have Georg Friedrich (who is often in the position of being the best thing in the productions he’s in). :D

      • Which reminds me, have you ever seen Wolke 7 or so? I saw it at a testscreening back in – IDK the last century? – and never heard of it again – been a Georg Friedrich fan ever since :) (ok gave in and imdb-ed Auf Wolke 7, Michael Grimm, 2004)

          • I honestly can’t remember, I only remember the stunning Georg Friedrich and finding the film ‘nice’. Mind you, I saw that once in probably 2003? Pretty sure I was still in school and I think the band Jugendstil also had some involvement in it, but I wouldn’t dare evaluating it by those memories- but it did leave some kind of impression. If we manage to find it I wouldn’t mind to rewatch though.

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