Samâ wôzu [Summer Wars] (2009)

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Summer Wars is the new film by Mamoru Hosoda.

Kenji is a student who spends most of his time on the virtual reality platform OZ, which includes basically all internet applications you can think of. But when he gets asked by his crush Natsuki to accompany her on a family trip and pose as her fiance, he drops everything to go with her. Everything seems to go okay at first but then Kenji, who is a bit of a math geek gets send an sms with a code and proceeds to crack it. Unfortunately, the code he cracks is the security code for OZ, which he just opened for a malevolent AI.

I did not like Summer Wars. I thought that it didn’t make sense at all (I’m no virtual reality expert, but dude, it surely doesn’t work that way) and it was boring to boot. Utterly skippable.


Okay, let’s start with the AI first. Apparently the innovation with it [which is usually “it started to feel] was that it wanted to learn things and it wanted to gather information. Have these people ever heard of webcrawlers? Anyway, because it wanted to know stuff, it was also an obsessive gambler. [Or at least, that’s what the reasoning seemed to be.] Which doesn’t make sense.

Then the AI was released by the Pentagon into OZ for testing purposes. I believe that bodies of power tend to be corrupt but honestly not that stupid. And through accessing the various user profiles in OZ, the AI got access to pretty much everything. Even though the nuclear weapons of the US, which can only be fired by the president and which he apparently does via OZ. Right.

Not to mention that the AI sent SMS to cell phone numbers it got through OZ but in those SMS was the security code it needed cracked to enter OZ in the first place and even though it’s so great, it couldn’t crack a code a high school student could crack in one night and anyway, I thought the Pentagon released it into OZ?

Correct me if I’m wrong but that doesn’t make sense even if the technical side would be correct, which I just didn’t believe.

But apart from that there were just too many coincidences in the plot in general for it to work. Why would Natsuki ask Keiji to accompany her, when they have barely any contact normally? And that Natsuki”s family just happen to have access to a supercomupter. And that Natsuki’s uncle just happens to be the guy who designed the AI. Etc etc etc.

If it was all tied up in a tight story arc, I might have forgiven that, but on top of it all, the story is just plain boring and I never cared about any of the characters.

Summarising: Nah. Seriously. No.


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