Monsters (2010)

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Monsters is the first feature film by Gareth Edwards and stars Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able.

6 years ago, a space probe crashed over Central America and unleashed some aliens. Now a big part of Central America is walled off, ruled by these aliens. The young photographer Andrew (Scoot McNairy) who is in South America, hoping for his big break through taking a picture of one of the aliens, gets a call from his boss who tells him that Andrew has to escort Samantha (Whitney Able), the bosses daughter, back home from Mexico. Through different circumstances they end up tracking through the walled off zone instead of taking the safe ferry and start to have a connection with each other.

Monsters is a beautiful looking movie, but I took an instant dislike to both main characters and I just couldn’t care less about their trials and tribulations. Which left me pretty bored by the film, continuously hoping for another breathtaking shot.

I might have liked this movie better if I had liked Andrew and/or Sam more. But especially Sam annoyed the hell out of me. And it was mostly the way she talked (which she probably can’t really help) and that she was so completely passive.

But even if they had been more sympathetic, I’d still have been bored by this film and their endless talking about deep-things-that-are-actually-pretty-meaningless.

The script was weak, leaving many questions unanswered and at the same time being pretty predictable. And the pacing was off – I had to fight not to fall asleep.

At least the cinematography was really nice. The shots of the crumbling buildings and the desolate areas were wonderful and what made this movie. But still, I expected more from a movie that was hyped that much…

Summarising: If you like Richard Linklater, you’re probably going to like this film. If not, skip it.

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