Kaboom (2010)


Kaboom is the newest film by Gregg Araki and stars Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett, Juno Temple and Kelly Lynch.

Smith (Thomas Dekker) just started college and so far, things seem to be pretty normal: He has a crush on his roommate Thor (Chris Zylka), but then hooks up with a girl he meets at a party, London (Juno Temple). His best friend Stella (Haley Bennett) is dating a gorgeous, but unfortunatley insane girl (Roxane Mesquida). In the middle of all this relationship drama, Smith has seemingly prophetic dreams and hallucinations about trash cans and guys in animal masks.

Kaboom is slightly insane, but very funny, well-acted, colorful, funny and has really awesome dialogues. And did I mention that it was funny?

Kaboom is a wonderful riff on all those college movies. People are actually too busy fucking (and talking about it) to notice that the world is ending. And even when they do know that something is wrong, getting laid is always getting in the way of thinking about it.

That doesn’t mean that Kaboom preaches not to have sex [quite the opposite, actually – when you have a cast made up of so many good-looking people who are constantly involved in sex in one way or the other, it’s more inspiring than anything else ;)]. But it makes fun of the importance it has and it doesn’t spare the narcissim of youth either.

Apart from being pretty, the cast was actually really good, too. Especially Juno Temple really stood out. Though Thomas Dekker had the better contact lenses and Haley Bennett the better costumes. ;) Speaking of which: the costumes were awesome. Gave the movie a lot of its colorful, fun vibe. Stella’s earrings alone…

As I said before, the dialogues were great. They flow beautifully and are full with quotable lines (like “This is nuttier than squirrel shit”).

The soundtrack was really cool, too.

Summarising: Watch it, even though it might hit your WTF button, it’s worth it.


  1. I was quite looking forward to this, so now that I have seen it my disappointment is even bigger!
    this is a completely pointless, wit-less film. It’s un-funny, not scary, and not even the sex scenes managed to be sexy.
    Very disappointing and a waste of Thomas Dekker who has actually a very interesting face and he could be rather good in a better film…
    I’ll give Araki one last chance then I’ll begin to think that “Mysterious Skin” was just a lucky mistake in an otherwise disastrous filmography.
    MY FULL REVIEW wp.me/p19wJ2-jd

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