Morning Glory (2010)

Morning Glory is the newest film by Roger Michell, starring Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford, Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum.

After being fired from her old job at a morning show, Becky (Rachel McAdams) seems to catch her big break: She’s hired by a network to produce their morning show. What does it matter that the show’s rating are in the cellar and that one of the anchors is unstable – it’s a network show! Becky starts working with gusto, trying to reign in morning show veteran Colleen (Diane Keaton) and freshly hired news anchor Mike (Harrison Ford) who is extremely unhappy with his new job. And to make matters even more complicated, there’s the cute co-worker Adam (Patrick Wilson).

Morning Glory is exactly what it promises to be: fluffy, enjoyable entertainment with a comfortably predictable script, good laughs and a nice cast.

The movie hinges almost entirely on Rachel McAdams, who does a wonderful job. With her hyper-active, bubbly character she could have easily gone all the way to annoying, but McAdams infuses Becky with a whole lot charm and enough edges to save her from that fate. Instead Becky becomes a great, likeable character whom you honestly root for.

But of course, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Jeff Goldblum and Matt Malloy do their part as well and make for a wonderful supporting cast. And it’s always good to see Patrick Wilson, especially when he’s not playing a psychopath for a change. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get much to work with here.

The story falls in the RomCom territory, though it’s a little more Com than Rom. The jokes are not amazingly clever, though they aren’t dumb either and the ending is utterly predictable. This mixture makes Morning Glory practically instantly a comfort watch.

The script touches on a few topics that could be discussed in more depth (like news vs entertainment). But it stays superficial and much like the conclusion of the film itself makes the case that from time to time, we just need entertainment and not fudder for thought.

Summarising: very nice entertainment, nothing more, nothing less.


  1. I really like that movie poster. I’m a fan of Rachel McAdams. I think she does a stellar job in even mediocre movies. Have you ever seen the show “Slings and Arrows”? It’s a Canadian show about the actors in a Shakespeare Festival. McAdams had a major role in the first season and it was before her career really took off. The way you describe her character in Morning Glory kind of reminds me of her character in Slings & Arrows.

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