3 (2010)

3 is the newest movie by Tom Tykwer, starring Sophie Rois, Sebastian Schipper and Devid Striesow.

Hanna (Sophie Rois) and Simon (Sebastian Schipper) have been a couple for quite a while now and things are stagnating. It works but more because there’s no reason why it shouldn’t than because there’s a reason it should. But then first Hanna, then Simon meet Adam (Devid Striesow) – separately from each other. And both fall in love with him.

The cast is excellent and Tykwer approaches the story with a lot of sensitivity and a nice sense of humor. Unfortunately, I thought that it focussed on the wrong thing.



The movie starts slowly – there are quite a few asides and excursions into stem cell research and art theory – which are probably quite interesting, but I couldn’t really take them in because they are treated as a backdrop in the film. I didn’t mind that much, but it was a little irritating to get so much info dumped on you, but you had to focus on Hanna (mostly).

Anyway, the bigger problem I had with the film was that it ends with Hanna, Simon and Adam getting together as a couple triple. But I felt that was where the story really started. It would have been better had they used a little less time and a little less hijinks on them getting together and more time on how they work things out. It would have given the whole thing more sense of reality instead of a bit of a fairy tale ending.

The film has a beautiful opening sequence, actually, two beautiful openings: First, Simon narrates a couples’ life and we get to see two power lines that mirror the couples’ life. Second, we get a beautiful dance scene, choreographed by Sasha Waltz that mirrors the development of the relationship in the film.

The cast is really good as well, especially Sebastian Schipper (who is also lucky because he got the only character with actual development). Which would have made more focus on their relationship even better.

Summarising: has its weaknesses but is worth watching.

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