Last Night (2010)

Last Night is the newest film by Massy Tadjedin, starring Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Guillaume Canet, Eva Mendes and Griffin Dunne.

Joanna (Keira Knightley) and Michael (Sam Worthington) are a rather happily married couple. But after a business dinner, they get into a fight about Michael’s attractive co-worker Laura (Eva Mendes). The next day, Michael goes on a business trip with Laura while Joanna runs into her ex-boyfriend Alex (Guillaume Canet). And suddenly both of them spend a night grappling with temptation.

Last Night is a quite little movie. There’s nothing flashy about it, nothing that really stands out – neither in a good, nor in a bad way. It’s just a film you tend not to notice, though it is intelligent, surprisingly well acted and engaging.

The storyline is a new take on an old topic: cheating, temptation, relationships. It examines these themes quietly and doesn’t go very deep but gives you a starting point for further thoughts or talk if you’re so inclined. The ending is very open, something that bothered me when I first left the cinema, but which has grown on me in the meantime. It just gives you more room for discussion.

And that’s the interesting thing about this film: it’s not so much a movie that’s designed to tell you a story, it’s more of a discussion jump starter. Of course, this can only work if the topics speak to you and the movie will probably have the most impact if betrayal in a relationship is kind of an issue for you right now.

That said, the film does work as an engaging piece of entertainment, too, only in a very unobtrusive way. The cast is surprisingly good. Sam Worthington still isn’t the greatest actor around but he’s good enough and look how hot he is. The same goes for Eva Mendes. Keira Knightley and Guillaume Canet are actually better than good enough.

Massy Tadjedin is a fine director, though I was quite surprised that she’s a woman. There’s a scene where Sam Worthington is undressing and what do we get to see? Eva Mendes ogling him. I wanna do my own ogling, for crying out loud! And it’s always Keira Knightley who gets told that she’s gorgeous and never Guillaume Canet. It seems like a bit of a missed chance.[Maybe Tadjedin is gay. I don’t know.]

Summarising: worth to check out, but if you don’t, the movie gods probably won’t smite you.

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