All About Evil (2010)

All About Evil
Director: Joshua Grannell
Writer: Joshua Grannell
Cast: Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, Jack Donner, Cassandra Peterson, Mink Stole, Noah Segan, Jade Ramsey, Nikita Ramsey, Ashley Fink, Peaches Christ
Part of: /slash Filmfestival

Librarian Deborah (Natasha Lyonne) just inherited her father’s small cinema. The cinema is specialized in horror movies and it’s struggling. Deborah’s mother Tammy (July Caitlin Brown) wants to sell the cinema, which is simply impossible for Deborah. When Tammy pushes her, Deborah cracks and kills her. By mistake the murder is filmed by the cinema’s security cameras and silmutaneously projected onto the big screen. But the audience, foremost the cinema’s biggest fan Steven (Thomas Dekker), believe it to be an original short movie. And suddenly the people are fighting to get into the cinema – and Deborah needs to keep up the supply of short films.

All About Evil is absolutely fantastic. While it might not be the best movie ever made, qualitatively speaking, it’s a movie that carries its heart on its sleeve. The love for its genre is absolutely endearing and gives the film its greatness.

As I said, technically the movie is not that great. But that is more than made up for by its charm and its sense of humor. And the cast is wonderfully hammy – most of all Natasha Lyonne. Though really, they’re all perfect.

And the short movies that Deborah produces are absolutely amazing as well. I laughed my ass off. Basically, I laughed the entire time, during the short movies as well as the rest of the film. And the ending was really touching, too.

The gore and the characters and all of the references in the film are of course made for horror fans. But I do believe that even if you aren’t a great horror fan, you’d enjoy the movie.

I was lucky enough that Joshua Grannell accompanied his film and did a little show before the movie as Peaches Christ (and a Q&A afterwards). And Peaches Christ is at least as charming as the film. I’d gladly spend another evening like that.

Summarising: Fantastic.

5 thoughts on “All About Evil (2010)

  1. Sounds great. I very much enjoy your reviews. It’s like cinema. : )

    … As I don’t have twitter I have to comment here: #women as livestock: There are several eminent pressure groups in Austria who target Austrian abortion laws claiming to be “against discrimination of disabled children” (of course they only mean unborn disabled children). My thesis advisor (! *proud*) wrote a very intelligent article about their true intention to limit women’s right to choose.

    I feel that there is a growing anti-choice in Austria. Maybe you should write something about it. … Oh, and what about our blog? *gnah*

    • Yes, one should write about it. Extensively. And do the research about it. And I kinda feel bad about not doing it myself, but I can hardly keep my blog updated at the moment.

      But it’s cool that your thesis advisor wrote about it. And you’re definitely right about the growing anti-choice leanings here. Depressing as hell.

      • Vielleicht ergibt sich mal an der Uni eine Seminararbeit, für die du sowieso recherchieren müsstest, und du könntest das Thema so wählen. Ist jetzt ernst gemeint, es wäre einen genaueren Blick und einige blog-Einträge wert.

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