Aurora [Vanishing Waves] (2012)

Director: Kristina Buozyte
Writer: Bruno Samper, Kristina Buozyte
Cast: Marius Jampolskis, Jurga Jutaite, Brice Fournier, Martina Jablonskyte, Rudolfas Jansonas
Part of: /slash Filmfestival‘s Slashing Europe

Lukas (Marius Jampolskis) is part of a neurological research team. Their project consists of trying to connect the mind of a comatose patient with Lukas’ by connecting their brains. Already by their second try, Lukas finds himself directly interacting with the other consciousness – a young woman named Aurora (Jurga Jutaite). But not only that, he is incredibly drawn to her and they immediately start an affair. But Lukas doesn’t want to share that progress with his research group or his girlfriend Lina (Martina Jablonskyte).

Once more I relied completely on the /slash’s taste and didn’t inform myself at all before I went into the film. And what I got was a breathtakingly beautiful with a dreamlike quality and an interesting story. It might have been a little predictable, but I didn’t mind that at all. I wish all movies I never heard about before but end up seeing by some coincidence were this wonderful.


At the beginning of the film I was a little sceptical, I have to admit. But it didn’t take long at all and the movie had me in its grasp. And once I was there, it didn’t let me go again. I think what drew me in most of all was Kristina Buozyte’s absolutely calm way to tell the story. There are moments that could leave you incredulous. There are moments were people might be weirded out. There is some pretty graphic nudity. These are all things that in the hands of another director might have ended up feeling sensationalist and manipulative.

Instead Buozyte shows us these things without any false sense of excitement. She packages them into stunning imagery and then just gives you time to look and to take it in. That basically makes it impossible to get so worked up that you don’t pay much attention to the story itself. [Oh and the images! Perfect dreamlike feeling with a whole lot of style.]


Even though the story was a little predictable, I was enthralled. The script was just really good and generally the story was told very well. Everything fit together perfectly. [SPOILER] For example, there is this one scene in the middle of the film where Lukas, still caught up in the “anything goes” mood from the connections, tries to transfer what he has there into his real life. So he starts touching his sleeping girlfriend Lina. But when she wakes up, she says that she doesn’t want to sleep with him. Unable to accept a refusal at first, when all he wants to experience with Lina is the utter abandon he feels with Aurora, Lukas almost rapes Lina. [/SPOILER] It’s a scene that lasts about 45 seconds, but it adds so much to the film. And practically all scenes are like that.

In short, I absolutely fell in love with the film. I wanna watch it again. And again.


Summarising: movies like this are what makes festivals like the /slash not only important, but what makes them alive: exceptional, beautiful, amazing.


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