Albert Nobbs (2011)

Albert Nobbs
Director: Rodrigo García
Writer: Glenn Close, John Banville, Gabriella Prekop
Based on: George Moore‘s short story
Cast: Glenn Close, Mia WasikowskaAaron Taylor-Johnson, Janet McTeer, Pauline Collins, Brendan Gleeson, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Mark Williams, Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Part of: The film will be shown on June 6th in Vienna as opening film of the identities Festival.

Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close) has been working as a butler since about forever and in all this time nobody ever suspected the truth: that he is actually a woman. But then zie gets an impromptu roommate in Mr Paige (Janet McTeer) who turns out to be a woman as well. And not only that, she is even married! So Albert gets it in hir head that zie could get married, too. Especially since zie’s been in love with Helen (Mia Wasikowska) since about forever. So zie starts courting her, despite the fact that Helen is going out with Joe (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).

I liked Albert Nobbs a lot – right until the ending, which sucked. But it had amazing performances and interesting characters. So that’s at least something.


Of course Glenn Close was fantastic. You wouldn’t expect anything less from her. But actually she had every scene stolen out from under her nose by Janet McTeer. She carried all the parts of the film she was in. Mia Wasikowska had a bit of a thankless role, but she was good as well. Seeing Jonathan Rhys Meyers casually strolling through the film and being sassy was pretty nice, too.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was really good, too. Though I admit to not being the clearest-headed judge here. I mean, he plays this absolute asshole, a manipulative, opportunistic guy without a backbone but with weird pants and I still wanted him to fuck my brains out…


But the movie does drag a little round the middle. And then the ending does suck pretty hard. [SPOILER] I mean, I already found it ridiculous that Albert had to basically sacrifice himself for Helen. But that Mr Paige gets to pick up the pieces afterwards and marries her so she doesn’t have to lose the child and because she’s real pretty? COME ON! [/SPOILER]

But apart from that, I did like it. And I was also really glad that I got to see it in a cinema after all. I had already given up hope.


Summarising: Worth seeing.

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