Rammbock [Rammbock: Berlin Undead] (2010)

Director: Marvin Kren
Writer: Benjamin Hessler, Marvin Kren
Cast: Michael Fuith, Theo Trebs, Anka Graczyk, Emily Cox, Andreas Schröders
Seen on: 02.04.2015

Michael (Michael Fuith) traveled all the way from Vienna to Berlin to surprise his ex-girlfriend Gabi (Anka Graczyk), to give back her key in person and maybe convince her that things don’t actually have to be over? How much of a bad idea this is becomes obvious, when he arrives just at the same time as a deadly virus that turns everybody who gets in touch with it into rage monsters. And Gabi isn’t even home. Trapped in Gabi’s apartment together with the handyman apprentice Harper (Theo Trebs), Michael has to figure out what to do next.

I had heard many good things about Rammbock, but unfortunately I was rather disappointed by it. I liked the setting and their version of the zombie lore, but I did not like or care for Michael. At all.


I did like the setting of Rammbock. Not only that it took place in Berlin, but that apartment complex with an inner courtyard – because that’s very much like where I live in Vienna and it made me wonder what the zombie apocalypse would look like in my apartment building (if you allow me to be a little mean for a minute: considering the average age of the inhabitants in my building, maybe it has already happened and it’s just that nobody noticed).

The zombies in Rammbock are of the 28-Days-Later-rage variety, though Kren and Hessler take it to a further logical conclusion: if the virus makes you angry, keeping you from getting angry might stave off the virus as well. Hence what the world needs is a whole lot of valium.

rammbock1But I had serious problems with Michael. The movie does acknowledge his problematic behavior – at first. It is not okay to surprise your ex-partner in the way he plans to surprise Gabi. There is nothing romantic about it – it is stupid and obviously overstepping the boundaries she has set. [SPOILERS] But the movie then goes on to show that Michael’s distrust of her was right – that she couldn’t possibly just want to break up with him, there had to be a new guy. And of course she cheated on him before the break-up. Even worse is the way the film ends: Gabi is already a zombie, Michael hugs her to him until the virus takes its hold and turns him as well. They remain pressed together until Gabi’s struggling slowly decreases, indicating that Michael finally got his wish: a second chance with Gabi. Even if it’s as zombies. In particular paired with the parallel story line of Harper and Anita (Emily Cox), it’s an ode to romance – only that Michael’s boundary-overstepping disregard for Gabi’s wishes is far from romantic. [/SPOILERS]

I kept wishing that I was in the apartment of the guy with tattoos, Manni (Carsten Behrendt). It seems like that would have been the more interesting story.

rammbock2Summarizing: It’s okay, but really not as good as I heard it was.

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