Body (2015)

Director: Dan Berk, Robert Olsen
Writer: Robert Olsen, Dan Berk
Cast: Helen Rogers, Alexandra Turshen, Lauren Molina, Larry Fessenden, Adam Cornelius
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 20.9.2015
[Reviews by cornholio and Maynard.]

Holly (Helen Rogers), Cali (Alexandra Turshen) and Mel (Lauren Molina) have been friends forever and are spending Christmas together. Cali is not satisfies with hanging out at Mel’s house though and suggests they go to her uncle’s home, who is out for the Christmas holidays. Reluctantly both Holly and Mel agree. The girls have a good time until Holly realizes that they don’t actually have permission to be in the house, just as somebody is coming to check on it.

Body starts strong and then falls apart once the plot actually gets going. What a waste of nice characters.


I really loved how the film started: the three girls who are so very different, but who have such an easy and obviously old friendship with each other, who joke together and get along so well, even though life seems to have pushed them in different directions since school. It’s rare to get female friendships on-screen like that and it’s always awesome.

I wouldn’t have minded if the film had just been about that – those three girls celebrating Christmas with each other, nothing more and nothing less. But obviously that was not the plan of Berk and Olsen. Something exciting had to happen that puts the girls’ friendship to the test and that ultimately breaks it. Because we couldn’t possibly have women be friends just like that.

body1As the plot develops and we gain more insights into the characters, instead of gaining depth, as would be more logical, they are more and more reduced to a single note and suddenly instead of well-rounded women, we get stereotypes.

Not only is that descent kicked off by a false rape allegation (how could you possibly tell a story about women without bringing rape into the mix), their decisions just don’t make any sense at all. Why not just leave? Their fingerprints might be there, but without the police having their prints in the first place, that doesn’t really matter much, does it?

That means that the characters and the plot fall apart after the first 20 minutes or so and with them the film. Too bad.

body2Summarizing: Maybe if you turn the movie off after the set-up?

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