Talhotblond: (2009)

Director: Barbara Schroeder
Writer: Barbara Schroeder, Pat Lalama, Glenn Boozan
Narrated by: Steve Clement
Seen on: 9.1.2016

Talhotblond: is a documentary on a murder case that happened a few years ago: Thomas Montgomery shot co-worker Brian Barrett, out of jealousy over a girl they were both chatting with, known to them as Jessi/talhotblond.

Talhotblond: is probably the most misguided documentary I have ever seen. I don’t know anything about the real case, but the way things are presented here is deeply and absolutely problematic.


Talhotblond: makes some interesting creative choices, and I’m using interesting in the derogatory sense here. It starts with the fact that the entire documentary is narrated from Brian Barrett’s (Steve Clement) perspective. Yes, from the grave. Yes, including judging the people involved in the story. Yes, including sentimental exclamations about a young life lost too soon.

And while Barrett is certainly the victim here, the movie is not content with pointing out that Thomas Montgomery is the culprit, having shot him and all. No, they desperately try to shift the blame to Jessi “who toyed with the men’s emotions”. Nevermind that Montgomery was almost 50 at the time, pretendet to be half his age because he thought that Jessie was 18 years old. Nevermind that he very clearly had psychological issues even before he met Jessie (online). And once it is revealed that talhotblond isn’t actually the young, blonde cheerleader Jessie but Jessi’s mother Mary impersonating her online, they feel fully vindicated to put the blame squarely on her.


And you know what? Fuck you, film, fuck you. It is certainly not great when a mother impersonates her own daughter online. And it is very likely that Mary had many psychological issues, just like Montgomery. But he is the fucking one who shot a man. To death. I would certainly say that is the worst crime in this story, not being a shitty mother. Having Voice-Over!Barrett literally saying that what Mary did was the worst thing is creepy AS FUCK, as is the fact that the documentary practically doxxes Mary in the end.

It isn’t helped either that the only person who is interviewed who was actually involved in the story himself is Thomas Montgomery, who gets to tell his side, look contrite, admit that he was having issues and all around bask in the limelight of being a killer. That is not how you make a documentary. That is how you justify a murder(er).

talhotblond2Summarizing: I will say it again: fuck you.

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