Atmo HorroX (2016)

Atmo HorroX
Director: Pat Tremblay
Writer: Pat Tremblay
Cast: Roch Desrosiers, Syl Disjonk, Claude Dubé, Pawel Krol, Laurent Lecompte, Donald Lévesque, Martin Savard, Pat Tremblay
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 25.9.2016

[I usually make an effort to write my own plot description, but in this case, I just couldn’t. So here’s what imdb gives us.]
Through a surreal chase of spying, Catafuse (Laurent Lecompte), a dubiously dressed creature, hunts humans with the help of Molosstrap (Donald Lévesque). But in a world ruled by the pharma industry, reality become so complex, that the mastering of insanity might just be the only way out.

Atmo HorroX is its very own kind of animal and your mileage will vary wildly. I can imagine people thinking it genius as much as people thinking it’s utter trash. A little bit of both is probably true. My opinion, though, fell somewhere in the middle.

[Spoilers, maybe, possibly, I don’t know.]

Atmo HorroX makes do without dialogue, or rather without any intelligible dialogue. The characters talk to each other, but in gibberish sounds. The film generally has an interesting way of portraying a society that doesn’t communicate properly, but towards the end that communicationlessness became way too loud and exhausting. Yeah, I get that was probably the point but it’s not the best idea to make a film physically painful.

The director of the film said that it would pay off to stick with it, even though it’s strange and unusual. I’m actually not so sure about that, and not only because the film was so loud at the end. There was also what felt like a twist to me (but maybe I missed that particular reading of the plot before due to everything else that was going on), when the film turns to or rather against medication. Its indictment of the apparently ubiquitous pill-popping felt too moral for me to fit with the rest of the film.

Despite that and the fact that the film should have definitely been shorter (especially for a 2.30am showing), I was intrigued by it. It’s an interesting piece of cinema with a skewed sense of humor and enough weirdness to keep you busy for a very long while if you try to make sense of it.

I also liked the use of and work with color and filters, that gave the film even more of a twisted sense of reality than the strange creatures that inhabit it, the gibberish that is spoken or the dreamlike logic that fuel it already did. And yet, I can’t really say that Atmo HorroX moved me much one way or another.

Summarizing: It doesn’t hurt to give it a try – maybe you’ll make more of it than I did.


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