Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

Bridget Jones’s Baby
Director: Sharon Maguire
Writer: Helen Fielding, Dan Mazer, Emma Thompson
Based on: Helen Fielding‘s novels
Sequel to: Bridget Jones’s Diary, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Cast: Renée ZellwegerColin FirthPatrick Dempsey, Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent, Sally Phillips, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Shirley HendersonJessica Hynes, Ed Sheeran, Emma Thompson, Celia Imrie
Seen on: 5.11.2016

Bridget (Renée Zellweger) is in her early 40s now, still single, still childless and she’s just been to the funeral of her ex Daniel where she met her other Ex Mark (Colin Firth) who is married now. So it’s a good thing that she’s focusing on her career, even though things aren’t entirely problem-free there. So Bridget needs a break and she catches not one, but two in short succession: First she meets the handsome Jack (Patrick Dempsey) and sleeps with him and then Mark tells her that he’s actually getting divorced and the two reconnect. In bed. But things will never be easy for Bridget: it turns out that she’s pregnant and she really doesn’t know who the father is.

It’s been many years that I saw the first two movies, but I remember them very fondly. And Bridget Jones’s baby was a very worthy successor: superfunny and very sweet.

Bridget Jones’s Baby certainly doesn’t reinvent cinema or the RomCom genre. It’s still very white and very upper class while pretending not to be and very heteronormative with a token gay. I understand when you can’t look past this, but personally I like to watch stuff like that every once in a while. And Bridget Jones’s Baby may tell old jokes, but it tells them well and had me laughing all the way through.

The only thing that got a bit much for me was the ending. [SPOILERS] It’s not just that Bridget finally gets the kitsch all in white wedding that Hollywood tells us every girl dreams off (if it would come with Colin Firth I might consider it) and of course, she’s getting married to Mark, it’s also revealed that Mark is the father of the baby and it was all just a little too clean and 50s family aesthetic for me. Why not go for the patchwork constellation? Have Jack be the father and Bridget still getting married to Mark. Whyever the hell not? [/SPOILERS]

But other than that I have no complaints about the film. There’s plenty of female gaze, Emma Thompson is in it, it’s really hilarious and the soundtrack is great. That’s almost my entire wishlist for any and every film I watch. And it made me want to re-watch the old ones very much (I don’t think I would want to read the books, in the case of the first one again. But maybe even that.) I’d call that a complete win.

Summarizing: Great fun.

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