History of Now (2015)

History of Now
Director: Nadiv Molcho
Writer: Nadiv Molcho
Cast: Nadiv Molcho, Aya BeldiKai HillebrandLea Wolfram
Seen on: 1.3.2017

Eli (Nadiv Molcho) and Maya (Aya Beldi) were in love until about a year ago when their relationship went down in flames. By chance, they meet again at a party and take the opportunity to reflect on their relationship. As they walk through Vienna and talk things through, maybe they’ll be able to shed new light on past events.

History of Now is obviously Molcho’s passion project and it shows in every minute of the film that he is a very young man – with emphasis on both the young and the man part. The result is okay, but not really my cup of tea. Maybe because I never was a young man.

Most of my comments about the film are about its weaknesses, but just to be clear: I’ve seen much worse films and History of Now does give me hope that if Molcho continues to develop and maybe manages to get out of his own head and perspective a little more, future films could be pretty good.

Apart from cinematographer Konrad Tho Fiedler, History of Now isn’t quite there yet. Though if you happen to find yourself in a similar state of mind as Eli, it’s very possible that the film is very much there for you. Personally, it reminded me of the Before trilogy or rather, since I’ve never actually seen the trilogy, what I imagine it to be like. It’s two people spending a long night talking about things and feeling that even the most banal epiphanies are wisdom beyond their years. And they don’t have many years behind them yet.

This slightly adolescent feeling of the film isn’t always easy to stand. In fact, at times it becomes a little insufferable. Especially in the second half the film starts to drag very much as a result. That the acting starts off rather wooden and only gets slightly better in the course of the film is not much help either.

The story History of Now tells is neither as insightful nor as touching as it seems to believe, but it did manage to make me feel like a grandma, benevolently smiling and sometimes cringing as I watch the young folk make the same mistakes generations before them have made. But some mistakes have to be experienced to be believed. Maybe if I was 10 years younger (and male), I would have appreciated Molcho working through this relationship stuff.

Summarizing: It’s fine.

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